K.V. Bhandara is the only Institutes of its kind in the district with about 900 boys and girls bubbling with   energy. They are mostly children of employees of Ordnance Factory and allied establishments.

The principal,an young and energetic all rounder is the wise leaderof the dedicated team of experienced   teachers and wonderfully justifying the position of the school as one of the best vidyalayas of Bhopal region of   KVS.

All the staff members undergo periodical in-service programmes, workshops and seminars to enhance their   professional skills. The principal along with the teachers has successfully created a cohesive and friendly   teaching learning atmosphere virtually leading to the all round development of the child which is our motto.

Physical Infrastructure


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Class room




Science Lab.




Computer Lab.








Jr. Science Lab.




Resource Room ( Primary wing)

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Staff common Room



10 Maths Room 01 NIL
11 Medical Room 01 NIL

Kendriya Vidyalaya Ordinance Factory Bhandara has a huge H-shape building with a sprawling campus spread over twelve acres of land. The gardens are well maintained and beautifully decorated with different flora. Pre-primary pupils enjoy the previlage of having children’s park fully equipped with swings, sea-saws, etc. Large and specious playgrounds provide more than enough space meeting the high level of satisfaction of the pupils Each classroom is spacious, properly ventilated and lighted providing ample space for the activity of children as well as the teachers and thus promoting the all round development of a child.

Computer Section :

The Vidyalaya has 2 well-equipped A. C. computer labs for the secondary & the primary sections. Labs are connected to local area network & Broad band Internet to facilitate easy communication & the labs are regularly upgraded from time to time. To keep the students updated in their subjects, the vidyalaya has provided access to the internet for the students.

Audio Visual Aids  :

To make the teaching learning activities more interesting LCD, OHP and slide projectors, magnetic boards are used in class room teaching. This makes learning a more enriching experience and creates a more lasting impression on the young mind.

Science Labs  :

Labs are essential pre-requisite for a good scientific teaching and as such all our labs are well equipped and maintained. The vidyalaya has advanced physics, chemistry and biology labs. There is one junior science lab for lower classes also. All the labs are upgraded from time to time.

Library  :

The vidyalaya has a specious well-furnished and well-ventilated library cum reading room managed by a qualified librarian. The library houses all the major reference and text books, journals, magazines, periodicals, novels, encyclopedias of high repute on a wide variety of subjects with 12400 books till date.4 newspapers and 8 periodicals are available in the library. The students are issued books for reading they take as per the rules of the vidyalaya

The students shall have to observe the rules of the library as enforced from time to time.

Guidance and counseling cell library: The vidyalaya runs guidance and counseling cell to help the students as well as parents specially in the mental and emotional hygiene, adjustment problems, personality development.

Career guidance is another major activity of the cell. Seminars are conducted for students of higher classes to help them to opt for the streams of studies suited to their temperament and aptitude. People in various walks of life address these seminars. A career guidance desk in the library provides information about various courses and colleges, which offer them.

Magazine Corner  :
There is a magazine corner where you can at a glance look for the magazine of your choice & go through it.

Readers Cell  :
You can utilize your free time by sitting & going through the encyclopedias, journals, newspaper, whatever interests you in the readers cell.

Competitive Cell  :
There is a separate section of displayed books which provides study material for competitive exams.

Career Development Cell   :
You are made aware of the career options & the path to be adopted through interaction.

Music Art & Craft  :

Music is an art that touches the heart of every one deeply with great impact. Music not only removes mental stress but also makes us tension free. By learning music, the pupils cultivate good seeds of knowledge in the mind and humaneness in the heart. Our vidyalaya has a spacious music room with an experienced music teacher who trains the pupil for vocal instrumental music. For imparting classical dance and music an adhoc music teacher is also appointed.