Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers

List of experimentations:-

1.Mrs. Manjiri, PRT is using way2sms to be in regular contact with the parents and reporting wards improvement and areas requiring attention.

2.  Categories of Animals

A project has been taken for class IV B by Ms Pooja Choudhary on the identification and categorization of animals on the basis of their habitat.

Studenst were asked to make cutouts of different animals like lion, maonkey, fishes, frog, sparrow, parrots ect. Then, students were divided into three groups namely water, land and arboreal. All the stuenst were told to draw the scence according to the group themes and choose from the assorted cutouts of the animals and paste the animals based on their habitats as drawn in the scene.

From this activity following skills have been developed in students:-

1. Observation

2. Identification

3. Classification




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