• Home Assignments

The weightage was given to regularity, Neatness, Presentation, correction etc.

  • Oral Questioning

To assess the understanding of the topic.

  • Quiz

Class divided into groups and questions pertaining to the topic were asked to assess the students in group.

  • Seminar

Some topic was divided among 8 to 10 students who in turn understand it and presented into all students. The areas of assessment were- Ability to research, Public Speaking,Verbal Expression, ICT Skills, Leadership Skill.

  • Symposium

Students were asked to present papers on the topic of their choice. The areas of the assessment were depth content, presentation use of AV-Aids, expression.

  • Group Discussion

A group of students were given topic to discuss.

The students selected group leader area of assessment was classification, team work, communication skill, listening skill.

  • Group Activity- Project

The students were asked to prepare investigatory projects. The project include data collection, analysis, observation, conclusion & inference.

All the above activities were conducted in all subjected for 100 marks. Marks were distributed accordingly.